checkmark Goals, Values and Beliefs

Autos On The Go, operates as a licensed, bonded, and insured company. What this means to you, the consumer, is that we provide our own insurance for every single vehicle we transport. Hundreds of satisfied customers have transported their vehicles on time and damage-free.

checkmark Who uses Autos On The Go

  • Individuals who are looking to relocate – Whatever your reason for having to move, rest assured that we are there for your convenience! So weather you got that new promotion or are simply looking for a lifestyle change – WEBSITE NAME HERE has you covered!
  • Students – Going away to college is very stressful for both the family and the student. That is why we ease that stress a bit by delivering the vehicle right to your door!
  • Dealerships – Many vehicle dealerships have transitioned to online sales to minimize some of their overhead cost. This poses a problem when it comes to transporting the vehicle to the consumer. Also, WEBSITE NAME HERE offers a multi-car discount for repeat customers.
  • Snowbirds – For those who enjoy a mild climate but don’t exactly want to drive many hours to get there, we are here for you! We will gladly ship your car and make sure it is returned by the time you get back home.
  • Military Personnel– Here at WEBSITE NAME HERE, we show our appreciation to those in the armed forces by offering significant discounts!

checkmark Considerations when choosing an auto transport company

1) Be careful with your credit card information or up front charges. A reputable auto transportation company will never ask for up front fees. WEBSITE NAME HERE will never ask for money ‘up-front’.


2) Ask for free information about the company, or browse their website a bit before committing to the service. Look for testimonials from past clients, credentials, and the like.


3) Sometimes the companies that quote you the lowest price sacrifice quality. You want to make sure the company is properly insured in case of an accident. Also, adding some “extras” such as expedited service, may mean a slightly higher cost. Remember the age old tale: “you get what you pay for.”

checkmark Go Green

Autos On The Go offers discounts on certain vehicles, such as hybrid models. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Ask us today if your vehicle qualifies!

checkmark Payment

For your convenience, no payment is required until your vehicle is physically transferred into our care. At that time, we will request a portion of the payment (BETWEEN XX% AND XX%). The remaining balance is not due until your automobile is delivered to your residence or a mutually agreed upon terminal. Upon transfer of the vehicle back into your possession, we will then require the remainder of the balance. NOTE: You will never be asked to pay more than your quoted price.