Better Prices than uShip

July 19, 2013

Yes, BETTER PRICES THAN USHIP! So how and why is this possible?! Well, it is quite simple. Transport Companies on uShip, including ours, generally start off with a pretty high bid knowing that they are going to go to war with other companies bidding for a shipment. In other words you get to witness a step called “BIDDING WARS“. If we simply skipped that step and offered a price to you directly, it will be a Low Auto Transport Price and odds are it will be a better price than you get from uShip’s TSP’s (Transport service providers). Also, keep in mind uShip TSP’s probably bid on anywhere from 20-100 Auto Transports a day. Because of this, you will not get the lowest price a company has to offer if they forget to come back to your shipment. So, if we hoped you learned anything, it is that a simple quote request never hurt anybody. CHECK US OUT!!!