• How much will it cost me?

We take into consideration several factors when calculating your cost. These include the type of vehicle needing transport, the total distance transported, and other factors such as the season. Remember, we guarantee our quotes for 30 days!

  • Will my vehicle be insured in case of an accident?

You may rest easy. Once in our possession, we guarantee up to $1,000,000 cargo and up to $1,000,000 public liability insurance. We do not add any additional deductibles to you for this insurance!

  • Where will you pick up my car/truck/SUV?

We offer you a series of choices. Most locations allow for door-to-door service. If environmental factors do not permit this, or it is more convenient for you, we can meet at a mutually agreed upon terminal.

  • Can i leave personal property in the vehicle?

Yes. WEBSITE NAME HERE allows up to 200lbs of personal items to be transported along with your car. However, these items must be confined into the trunk, and items that do not fit in the trunk securely cannot be transported.

  • When should I schedule pickup?

We request that you allot us at least 7 days (weekends included) notice. However WEBSITE NAME HERE can accommodate, or perhaps expedited shipping is the proper way to go.

  • How do I know the status of my vehicle?

You can request a phone call, text message, or email be placed to you upon certain benchmarks. We accommodate to the best of our abilities.